Christopher Evans (b.1985, Schenectady, NY) is a multi-disciplinary artist. He was raised as a homeschooled Christian Fundamentalist with a singular view of the world. His work questions the concept of identity outside of a cult-like environment and questions the notions of universality while still accepting that contradictions still exist.  There is an inescapable sense of shame involved as he continues to strip down his own identity to expose the parts of him worth saving. His work questions his own mental health disorder, isolationism, masculinity, and the concept of identity through grotesque, honest, and humorous self-reflection and imagery.


Christopher's practice demonstrates how life extends beyond his own subjective limits and tells a story about the effects of being raised in an evangelical isolationist environment by parodying the traditional portrait and exaggerating certain formal aspects inherent to his perception of masculine society through the lens of his isolated upbringing.   His works sometimes appear idiosyncratic and quirky, at other times, they seem like vacant, ghastly critiques of his old religious community's  so-called "Faith-based isolationism.”  There is a thorough investigation of the anxiety of his diverse and divided generation through repetition and self-reflection where the idea of "self" exists as a contradiction as he tries to navigate life while he straddles two worlds with a foot in each.

His works are saturated with obviousness, grotesqueness, clichés, and bad jokes. He appropriates modern and classic art techniques that are reframed into a low brow day-to-day context.  He presents monstrosity as ordinary as well as including references to texts, painting, and mythology. 


Christopher is currently working out of Albany, New York, and is a graduate from University at Albany with an MA in Studio Arts in 2016 and from USF with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2019.

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